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2015's Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster
It's very hard to maintain the speed of Windows. When you install Windows, it runs fast in start. But as time passes, it becomes slow. Due to this, sometimes you become in angry mood. So this problem is not only with you or your computer, nearly it's a general problem with every computer in which Windows OS is installed. There are some reasons behind that play general role in decreasing the speed of Windows. Below is a complete detail about the reason that make Windows slow and also ways are here that can fast your Windows again.

Reasons Behind To Slow Running Windows

Numerous reasons are possible. But some main and important reasons, here i would like to discussed. Hopefully, this article will helpfull for you.

1. Many Programs Open At Start Up:

This is first and major reason that play big role to make slow your Windows. Because you don't notice that many programs are come automatically at startup. When you open the computer, these programs are opened and make slow your Windows. Because whenever a program open, it reserves some memory from RAM, therefore when many programs open together at start up then these take a large part from your RAM and make a cause to slow of Windows.

2.  Remove Useless Programs:

Day by day, alots of files come in your Computer and make a place in the Hard Drive. You don't notify, these useless files help to slow your Windows. So, monitor your Windows and delete useless files and programs. Below are also simple ways and best solution here after the reasons. You just need to follow the steps.

3. Windows Need Antivirus & Utility Tool:

I hope that Antivirus is installed in your Computer. If not then your Computer is on a big Risk. Any harmful virus can enter easily in your Computer and can do easily anything dangerous. Any Hacker can easily hack your computer and can do easily something wrong.

Nowadays if you haven't installed Antivirus in your computer then you are seriously silly. You know? today on the internet Hackers and Scammers are very active and they try to do something wrong or illegal.

Ways & Solution To Make Your Windows Faster

Now the solution and simple tips are here that will help you to make your Windows faster. Below are simple, basic, quick and easy methods. Hopefully, below ways will be helpful to you.

1. Remove Programs From Windows Start Up:

I have already told. this is main reason that play a big role in running the Windows slow. Now let's start and you can fix this problem easily without any external software.

First go to the start menu and in search type msconfig, press Enter. Windows 8 or 8.1 users can directly go to search and type this command. I'm using Windows 7, that's why i need to go to the Start Menu option firstly.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster
After pressing the Enter, a menu will open.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster
Here, you click on Startup.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster
When you will click on Startup, a list of your Startup Programs will show. Here select those programs which you want, otherwise deselect other programs and click on OK.

2. Install Antivirus:

The most important thing, i mean 'Antivirus'. Without any antivirus, your computer is seriously on a big risk. So, if you don't have Antivirus in your Computer then first get and install it. Viruses can easily enter in your Computer and can do something wrong easily. If you will not install Antivirus in your Computer, then you have to face a big problem.

If have a problem in finding the Antivirus then visit this article '2014 & 2015's Top 10 Antivirus'. Hopefully, it will be helpfull for you.

3. Install Utilities:

Utilities are also best way to maintain Windows faster. Utilities help to delete useless files, temporary internet files etc which you can't delete directly. Because these useless files are come in your Windows folder directly through the internet. That's why you can't delete & don't try to delete directly. Install Utilities softwares. I hope these will be helpful to maintain your Windows performance. Below are my recommended utilities. You can trust on both.

i. Glary Utilities:

Glary Utilities is a free performance booster and system cleaner for your Windows PC. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface features one-click functionality and easy, automated options, which give you the choice of either 1-Click maintenance or a custom selection of operations. The application includes over twenty system utilities, which allow you to customize your scan. The application features options such as a Registry Cleaner, Spyware Remover, Startup Manager and Shortcuts Fixer, all of which will improve your computer performance.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster

ii. CCleaner:

Ccleaner is a system optimization, security and cleaning apparatus. It expels unused documents from your computer, permitting your Mac to run quicker and arranging for significant hard circle space. It likewise cleans hints of your online activities, for example, your Internet history etc.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster

4. Check For Updates:

Last tips, check your Update daily, weekly, monthly or according to your wish. Because from updates, many recoveries of your Windows are done. Drivers and programs are recovered from checking the updates. So, it's my last tips, check your Windows Updates. If you don't know How to check then don't worry below i also shared a simple steps to check the Update.

Now first go to the Start Menu and then go to 'Control Panel'.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster
Click on the Control Panel option. A next menu will be opened. Here, you 'll select 'System & Security'.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster
After that click on the 'Windows Update' and check your Update. That's it.

Best Tips To Maintain Performance Of Windows Faster

Final Words:

Hopefully, this article will be helpfull for you. In this i shared some basic reasons and shared general solution of these problem. But if have any problem, then share with via comment and also want to share your views then share with me via comment below.

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