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Best GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2016

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
If you're finding the best GPU Overclocking Softwares, so no need to search more now. This article covers a list of best 5 GPU Overclocking Softwares or Tools. GPU overclocking software is basically a tool that helps to increase the Core Clock Speed, Memory Speed, Memory Bus, Memory Type, Memory Bandwidth, L2 Cache, Texture Rate, Pixel Rate, Shader Processing Units and Actual Shade Performance of Graphics Card. These tools help to optimitze Graphics Card. In other words you can say, these softwares can upgrade the GPU.

Mostly gamers use them because if sometimes the game is running, but a little stutter during. It's because of just the low specification of GPU. Game requires more Core Clock Speed and more other things that game required. The solution is simple. First go to the market and buy new Graphics Card. Second, increase your GPU's Core Clock Speed, Memory Speed, Memory Bus, Memory Type, Memory Bandwidth, L2 Cache, Texture Rate, Pixel Rate, Shader Processing Units and Actual Shade Performance through any other way.

You know what everyone can't buy new Graphics Card but everyone can optimize their GPU. So, if you have any problem during playing the game and game needs to required more specifications then before buying your new Graphics Card, try below overclocking tools. Hopefully, after using these below softwares then you will not need to buy a new graphic card. But if the graphic card is still a problem then you need to buy a new graphic card now.

Before sharing the tools, i would like to share some information about the tools that "How they do work?". Because i know most readers are reading this article and they don't know that "How overclocking software does work?"

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How Overclocking Software Does Work?

Overclocking Software is simply optimizing tool. You just need to download and install. An interesting thing of this is that it's not a large in size. It's Just 30 MB to 50 MB in size, but it depends on the version because different versions have different size. So the Question is "How it does work?"

It works simply. You need to download install. After installation, open it. I used Asus GPU Tweak. If you use another one so don't worry menu's of all are same. After open the tool, a menu will open like below.

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
You can see in above image, GPU Clock, GPU Voltage and Memory Clock options are showing. Fan Speed is Fixed. So you can't change it. But i hope in other versions, this advantage is available. When you'll open first time your tool then all values of your GPU will show default. So after this you can optimize or increase your GPU Clock, GPU Voltage and Memory Clock of your GPU performance according to your wish. But here is a tip by me that increase your Clock Speed and Memory Clock but not too. Just increase the values with the difference of 200 to 300 like below example.

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015

List Of Best Overclocking Tools Of 2015

Here is a list, Just Download and install in your Computer. Hopefully your problem will solve by using these softwares.

1. MSI After Burner:

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
MSI Afterburner is a handy overclocking utility. Main features include GPU/Shader/Memory clock adjustment, advanced fan speed and GPU voltage control. You can optimize your all things of GPU via MSI After Burner. It provides you control over your memory clock, set fan profiles or set it to a fix speed, shader clocks with simple sliders. It provides good stats of your card’s performance. You can set five different configuration settings so can you can switch to whatever you want according to your needs.

2. Asus GPU Tweak:

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
Asus GPU Tweak is also one of the best and my recommended because i'm using this for a long time. I have no any problem with it. So you can use it trustly. You can optimize memory clock, shader clocks with simple sliders. It comes with a GPU-Z monitoring software that gives you in-depth analysis of performance and efficiency. You can also check for BIOS updates for your GPU.

3. EVGA PrecisionX 16:

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
You can enjoy new streaming gaming with EVGA PrecisionX 16 now. This software allows you to fine tune your graphics card, including GPU Clock Offsets, Memory Clock Offsets, Fan Speed, voltage and much more. This latest version of PrecisionX has been revamped with a new GUI, new OSD (On-Screen Display) features, improved voltage and pixel clock control, integrated Steam Achievements and more. True enthusiasts know to go with the number one choice for GeForce overclocking; EVGA Precision X 16.

4. Sapphire TriXX:

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
TriXX helps users to get the optimum performance from compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards in any application by allowing them to monitor, tune and save different settings of key parameters for the card. TriXX not only monitors basic parameters such as fan speed and GPU temperature but also GPU load, voltages and memory performance. The user can chose the appearance of the TriXX interface with different skins.

5. Intel Desktop Control Center:

GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015
Intel Desktop Control Center is simple and cheap optimizer that works for Intel HD Chipset. You can overclock CPU, memory, and bus speeds for optimal performance and also integrated auto-tuning makes system optimization easy while maintaining system stability (available only on DX58SO, DP55KG, and DP55SB). It helps to monitor and adjust voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds.

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Optimize your GPU performance via using these softwares. They are relaible and trustable, No spam is include in them. You just need to download and install them. If you know about the more better softwares that can optimize GPU more better than above softwares then don't forget to share with me and our visitors via comment below.

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