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What causes ERR_SPDY_ PROTOCOL-ERROR nginx?

At times, it happens that you might require moving to the SSL protocol and you might face the problem where the ad request will not be paring and matching with the page views. The page when opened and refreshed again shows the statement stating, “failed to load resource: net: ERR_SPDY_ PROTOCOL-ERROR message. This indicates that there is error pointing to the Defer JavaScript file created by ngx_pagespeed. The chunks may appear on the screen that will further enable to stop the browsing and loading due to this problem. The error needs to be fixed.

NGIX latest version 1.7.8:

In case of facing such error by just looking at the error logs, the solution must be found out to fix the problem in time. There shows that the SPDY is disabled and in order to enable the SPDY, all you need to do is upgrade the NGIX and make sure you have the latest version avaible 1.7.8. Then, it is also necessary to ensure that the process of the in stallion is proper in order to avoid any further issues. Make sure that the file permissions required are modified correctly and the FastCGL cache is firm enough to hold up the responses for the PHP_FPM upstream.

As a form of result, it is very clear theta the Nginx will not be able to write up the directory of Cache. The users must ensure that the permissions required are modified in granting mode so that the user can get the Nginx write permissions and the errors are fixed and cleared. When the browser throws any error, there is nothing that is occurred in the nginx error log.

Things to keep in mind by the user:

The user while using the protocol must be in attention ode and careful in order to avoid all sort of unwanted errors. The developers must be aware about the hints and must know about tem in detail. Here are some of the thoughts to be remembered.
  • The developer must be very careful at the time of using the headers and redirects especially the 301 and 302’s.
  • The developers must include all the same directory as the domain name ad makes sure that the server is placed in proper position.
  • The antivirus or the firewall settings must be placed and the protection must be made for the files created a .htaccess file in the cache that includes directory and simply write one line. Deny them all.
  • Moreover, the Gzip compression must be enabled in case you find out the Cpanel. This can be done by the Website Optimization settings and for more details regarding this you can brose on Google.
  • The files of the htaccess must also be kept very simple and not complicate it. The simpler the files, the less chance of errors. Many other file extensions can also be made by redirecting the user clients ad this will also create the unnecessary conflict. Be carefully with all the above points in order to avoid the errors.
Top Best Proxy Sites For Every User
Free Proxy Server sites are used by internet users to get access to restricted content or unblocking blocked websites in school, colleges or university etc. Sometimes your ISP becomes your enemy and blocks your favorite site on government order. In such stages it really annoys those people who work online and in such conditions their main site for work is blocked and they can’t access it easily.

So these days most of the people want to know about proxy server and all things related to it and if you are one of them then you are at right place. Because today we have decided to write a detailed guide on this topic and I am pretty sure that you will find it helpful.

You need to know that these days proxy sites are mostly used by internet users and this is the main reason why million of proxy sites are created and used by people on daily basis. With the increase in number of proxy sites, it is totally seen that proxy sites are not safe because there are many people who want to steal personal information or data of their users through proxy sites. But if you are providing a better security and privacy protection to users, then surely you will start getting maximum daily active users easily.

The main advantage of using proxy server sites is that users stays anonymous and all of his/her activities hidden from other people and unable to be tracked. So it is really necessary to take advantage of such feature for having better security and privacy in online world.

Enjoying Safe Internet Using Best Proxy Servers

As I already said above that these days’ hackers are trying some advance methods to get information/data of internet users so it is really necessary for the internet users to stay anonymous and hide their IP address for better privacy and not letting online websites to easily track you.

What Is Proxy Server?

The very first thing we need to know is that what is a proxy server? So for your kind information a proxy service acts as medium between proxy server and client PC and data transferred by proxy server to PC is always encrypted for providing better security to users and keeping download data from malware and Trojans etc.

Why We Need To Utilize Proxy Services?

There are several different advantages of using proxy service websites such as users IP address is hidden from other people and using anonymous feature, internet users surf the web without being tracked easily. The main benefit of proxy service is that users unblocks or gets access to their favorite or desired websites easily within few seconds from any part of the world.

How To Get Proxy Server Address?

As I already said above that there are many proxy servers available on the internet for free and working fine these days. So you should need to use your desired one and also we are sharing some proxy server’s sites list in this article below.

How To Detect Proxy? Proxy Detection For Better Security

Are you having better security and privacy through using proxy servers, then it is really necessary to detect proxy, you can do it easily by visiting and if your proxy shows different from your main IP address then you are using proxy.

Have a look at this list of proxy server sites mentioned below:

So this is all about top best munchausen by proxy and I hope you liked and found this article useful. If you have any suggestions regards this topic, feel free to ask in the comments section.
Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows
Internet Download Manager, short form is IDM. Nowadays, this is one and only most used download manager among all. Lots of internet users are a part of it and using it as a default downloading application. I think, there's no need to more explain its features and benefits here. Because we all are well aware from it.

It's a very useful downloading tool that every user use it to download any type of file like ISO, RAR, NOTE etc. You can also download a huge amount of data in GBs easily through it. But time and speed depend on your internet connection. Even after a best connection, although if your downloading speed is very slow in IDM then you need to set up few things in it.

Actually, when you download IDM then it's all settings or functions normally set up officially. So, there might be possible that you've a good internet connection, but downloading speed is slow. So, it's not a fault of your internet. You just need to change few settings in the internet download manager. After that, your speed will be increased.

I know about two ways to speed up. First is an internal procedure. I mean, you need to change setting in the Internet Download Manager and Second is an external way that I shown below. Hope, you'll find help in this article. Even after applying both procedures, if any problem happens with you then don't forget to share with us via Email or below comment section.

Ways To Speed Up Internet Download Manager

Here are two methods, as I said above. So I shared one by one. Follow the procedure perfectly and don't forget to share it, if you find help here.

Method #1)

As I said first method is an internal. You need to change a little setting internally in IDM. So to do that open your IDM first then go to the 'Downloads' option that's provided in home menus.

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows
After that a drop down will open, here click on 'Speed Limiter' and then 'Turn OFF'.

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows
Now again open your IDM and then again go to the 'Downloads' option. In drop-down menu, click on 'Option'.

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows
After that action, a separate dialog box will open. Here find 'Connection' option at the top of right as shown in below image.

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows
Now click on a drop down option here and then select your internet connection. If you've a low speed then select first, but if you're using 3G, Bluetooth, wi-fi etc then select second but if you've a high internet connection like me then select your own connection and then click on OK. That's it!

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows

Method #2)

As I said in start, second method is an external procedure. For that, you need to download an optimizer. So to download this optimizer go to this link, then unmark an option that shown in image and then click on 'Download', exact like below image.

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows
Once the optimizer downloaded then simply open it. First thing, I like the most that it doesn't require any type of installation or useless formalities. So download it and then open. After opening, it will look like below image. Simply click on 'Maximize Now!'. That's it!

Speed Up Internet Download Manager In Windows

Final Opinion

So this is what that wanted to show. I know about only two ways that are reliable and working. You can also see an example in main first image. I downloaded a firefox setup from Filehippo and speed had been increased up to 7MB/sec, after applying these two ways. So, you guys also check this and give your own views about it via comment below. If you think, this article is really helpful then don't forget to share it with others.
Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software
MS Outlook emerged as most popular desktop email client with PST as its proprietary file format. Outlook data files contain large volume of data and are prone to corruption like any other data files. These files gets corrupted due to many known or unknown reasons and sometimes data gets deleted accidentally form the email or other mailbox folders. To prevent data loss due to corruption; the PST files need to be recovered and restored back on machine.

In the recent past, while working with the application, some of the files were deleted accidently; so I used Outlook Recovery software for recovery of lost data. The overall experience with the tool is summed up here in.

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My Expectations from the Tool:

There are some specific requirements that I was expecting to be fulfilled such as:
  • Recovery of deleted data which is the foremost necessity.
  • Recovery of some of the corrupted Outlook files.
  • Data Restoration while maintaining its original formatting.
  • Maintenance of actual structure of data elements.
  • Data storage on machine while keeping its attributes.

What the Tool Offered:

The PST recovery tool offered the following features against the above-stated requirements:
  • It recovered all the deleted data that was accidently erased from the mailbox.
  • It helped recovering files that has been damaged due to oversized volume.
  • All the data was restored in its original format on machine.
  • The actual structure and composition was kept maintained.
  • The mailbox components were restored with integrated attributes.

Additional Features Offered by the Tool:

It offered some supplementary features while recovering PST files and these attributes are:

- Advance scan mode to recover files as per necessity.

i. Advance Scan is performed on highly damaged data files.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Offers recovery of selective items from enlisted components.

i. Select multiple items by clicking on the available checkboxes.
ii. Select entire folders to be processed in batch.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Multiple Export options to select from as per requirement.

i. Export as PST
ii. Export as MSG
iii. Export as EML

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Attachments can be previewed in the panel itself.

When an email message is been selected, the enclosed attachments are displayed in the ‘Attachments’ tab within the tool panel and are exported to the selected file format along with the associated message.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software
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- 'Mail Filter’ feature to export specified period data.

By selecting this option, date particulars can be provided and instructions can be given to the tool for exporting that specific data only. This way, it will export data from the period specified in the ‘From Date’ column and to the duration mentioned under ‘To Date’ column.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- ‘PST Split feature allows dividing large volume files.

The feature enables splitting or dividing the large sized data files to be saved and restored into limited divisions. This way, the corruption that occurred due to oversized volume of the PST file reduces and data is stored in more organized manner.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Naming Conventions while exporting to EML and MSG.

While saving data to EML and MSG file formats, the tool offers to save the files with appropriate names. This further enables to restore data in a managed way and offers more recognition to the files. Files can be directly selected while avoiding random search.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Resultant files can be saved into selected format at any selected location on system.

The tool does not alter the original PST files and in fact creates new files for saving the recovered data. It offers the flexibility of saving these files at user defined location on storage media.

- The Outlook Recovery tool generates the ‘Export Report’.

This report can be saved in CSV format for future reference as it contains the source and destination location information of the processed file.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

Benefits of the Given File Formats:


When this file format is selected to export recovered data; the mailbox components are saved in their original format. The data gets restored within respective folders where it was residing before corruption or deletion.


This format is used to restore email messages only and saves single message per file. This way, the chances of data getting absurd are reduced to greater extent and proper manageability is offered to the files.


This is the widely used file extension and is supported over Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and many other Operating Systems. Moreover, it is applicable to emails data only and this way, the email messages can be accessed over smartphones, tablets, etc.

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Improvements Required:

As per my opinion and experience, the tool is well versed with all potential features that are required for recovery and successful storage of data. Therefore, no changes or alterations are required to be done. The developers of the tool have kept the GUI simpler and the recovery procedure is self-defined and quite straight-forward.

Final Opinion:

The tool helped me in recovering the deleted data which was the principal requirement. It also offered extracting data from the corrupted Outlook PST files. The additional features that the tool offers such as export to EML and MSG; splitting PST into smaller proportions; saving EML\ MSG files with suitable names; etc. serves as an add-on while recovering and restoring mailbox data. The performance and functionality of the tool is found to be efficient and accurate.

In addition, the availability of Personal, Business and Enterprise Licenses makes it more scalable as this way; flexibility is provided to choose among the given categories. The user can choose any license in accordance with its usage requirements and can test before purchasing the same with Trial version available online.

Based on the overall assessment and experience with the Outlook Repair tool, I would rate it 9.8\10.
Downgrade Windows 10 To Previous OS
Now lots of people have decided to choose Windows 10 as a default operating system, after releasing it officially. Windows 10 is released with such an amazing concepts and features. I really appreciate to Microsoft's effort to build this. We all were very disappointed when windows 8 was released. Because there were lots of bugs and problems were happening with it. So, no one liked it and that's why this version had been rejected totally by every user.

I'm also a Windows 10 user now, but in my views, the most successful version is still Windows 7. No one is better yet even Windows 10 too. Windows 10 has released but still it has to need some improvement more. People switched to the Windows 10 at the start when it was released, but due to the different issues now they wanna switch it back again to the previous version. So, that's why, I'm here again with a simple procedure to Downgrade Windows 10 to the previous OS.

I think, Microsoft first time gave an opportunity to upgrade Windows 10 directly from the previous version. Same as, it's also provided to downgrade option too. So, if you're that user who wanna switch back to the previous operating system then follow below simple steps.

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Can I Really Downgrade Windows 10 Directly?

Few days before, I received an email, in which someone was asking exact same question to me 'Can I Really Downgrade Windows 10 Directly To The Previous Version?'. So, while writing this article, I thought I should also discuss with our visitors about it. So answer is 'YES'. Yeah! This is a first time that Microsoft gave an upportunity to downgrade operating system directly. But to do that you've to follow below steps that I mentioned.

How To Downgrade Windows 10 To Previous OS

So here are the steps to downgrade Windows 10 to the previous version. All the steps are explained very finely. But still any problem happens with you then email us feel free or leave your comment or problem in below comment section.

Now to downgrade Windows 10, first go to the Windows 10 Setting Panel, that's introduced first time in it. Go to the start and then click on 'Setting'.

Downgrade Windows 10 To Previous OS
Once the Setting Panel opened then click on the 'Update And Security' option.

Downgrade Windows 10 To Previous OS
After that action, Update and Security menu will be opened separately. Here click on 'Recovery' at the Left pane and then click on 'Get Started', under the option of 'Go Back To Windows 7'.

Downgrade Windows 10 To Previous OS
Now another dialog box will be opened. Here, it will ask different questions for feedback. This is just a formality. Answer it feel free and then click on 'Next'.

Downgrade Windows 10 To Previous OS
After that, it will take time to restore your system and ready for previous version. While, preparing you can't use your PC. So, don't try to use it while downgrading, because it may be effected for your system. That's it!

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Final Words

So, this is a simple procedure to downgrade Windows 10 to the previous version that I mentioned above. Actually, this is one and only official way to downgrade Windows 10, otherwise you've to arrange any DVD or ISO file of OS that you want to install. Hope, I explained well and now again saying, suppose if any problem happens with you then don't forget to share with us via email or below comment section. If you think, it's helpful then share this article with others who wanna downgrade Windows 10. Enjoy!
Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu
Day by day after releasing the Windows 10, lots of articles are publishing about it. Now today I'm also sharing a trick about Windows 10. If you're a Windows 10 user then definitely it will be helpful for you. As we know Windows 10 has been released on 29 July. It's almost 2 months left but still new and useful tricks are introducing yet. Windows 10 start menu is very amazing seriously and everybody loves its style and simplicity.

In my views Windows 10 start menu is a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8 start menus. So, if it's very good looking and unique then should be helpful too. right? Yeah, definitely it's very helpful and we can make it as a very useful stuff more. So, here I'm sharing a trick about Windows 10 start menu that's title is 'How To Add or Remove Folders In It'.

Windows 10 is very smooth in running. If you're a regular user then definitely would like to add folders and programs according to your wish. But how? So, to solve this question of 'How', here I'm sharing a simple way to add or remove folders and programs in Windows 10 start menu. Hope, you all guys would like to add programs. Because from this way, you can save your time and can do your work quickly. Whenever if you need to go to the specific folder then just go to the start menu and then click on the folder or program. That's why, it's important to add folders and programs as your wish.

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Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu?

Here's how can you set up or remove folders and programs in Windows 10 start menu. Follow the steps perfectly. If you face any problem after facing the steps fine then email us feel free or leave your comment without any hesitation.

First you need to go to the start menu. So go to start menu and then click on the 'Setting'.

Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu
After a separate menu will open, that will windows 10 own Setting panel. So here go to the 'Personalization'.

Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu
When you'll select Personalization' then definitely its pop-up will open. Here click on the 'Start' option at left pane.

Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu
Now click on 'Choose which folders appear on start' at right pane.

Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu
After that action, another pop-up will open. Here you can select which folder you wanna set on front of the start menu or which you wanna hide. Select 'ON' to show your specific folder in start menu and select 'OFF' to hide. That's it!

Add or Remove Folders In Windows 10 Start Menu
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This was a simple method to remove or add programs and folders in Windows 10 start menu. Hope, it will be helpful for all Windows 10 users. I've also said that by following this way you can save your time. All those folders, that you use the most or regular then set them on front of Windows 10 start menu. From this way, whenever if you would like to go to your specific folder then can go easily. So, if you're a Windows 10 user then of course you should follow this trick.

Even after that, if you didn't like it then leave your comment. But if you think it may helpful for every windows 10 user then don't forget to share it with them. Enjoy!