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Microsoft Brings EDGE Browser With Its New Windows 10

Microsoft Brings EDGE Browser With Its New Windows 10
"Say Good Bye to Internet Explorer, Microsoft brings EDGE with the all New Windows 10."

EDGE Browser With The All New Windows 10

With the all new features of recently released Windows 10, comes another feature i.e EDGE. The all new browser by Microsoft. You must be thinking what happened to there IE, well it has been replaced by EDGE because it lacked some “Legacy Compatibility”. On the other hand third party browsers like Chrome, Mozilla and Opera are still on the lead, might be the fact that Edge has not yet gained a lot of Audience yet but you can after seeing its features you will say that it is one heck of a competitor to all third party browsers.

Microsoft Brings EDGE Browser With Its New Windows 10
Here are some of its features that I bet will amaze you:

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Reading Made Easy:

-The Reading view: Ads getting on your nerve while reading an article on the Web? Don’t worry in EDGE the Reading View tool crops out any distraction on the webpage you want gone. Just select the and only your article will show anything else will won’t show anymore.

Microsoft Brings EDGE Browser With Its New Windows 10
- Reading List: This tool enables you to save any article on a webpage for later reading and also you can read that saved article offline. It’s a great tool for very busy people.

Note it down with a touch on the Screen:

Note, comment, write, edit any part of the Webpage as you desire by capturing an image (Screen Shot) of the whole webpage, Just like Note.

Microsoft Brings EDGE Browser With Its New Windows 10


Type in anything in the address bar and BING will give you the results and with it some extra information with a little help from CORTANA. Yes, the all amazing Windows Lady. Just like SIRI in Apple IOS. If you want extra info on anything just highlight the text and right click it, CORTANA will give any extra info on that that it finds. Also it will give you maps, location and different aspects of your searches. While you search and surf the web, CORTANA collects information that you might be interested in and shows it to you, things that you didn’t even searched for but are related to your search.

Microsoft Brings EDGE Browser With Its New Windows 10
Not only on EDGE Cortana is integrated with Windows 10.

Before Windows 10 CORTANA was only available for Windows Phone 8.1. But now it’s linked to Windows 10 on all devices.
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To Use or Not to Use (My Advice):

Well, it’s better than IE that’s for sure but if you look at Chrome and Firefox they are still leading in many ways, one example is of extension support and many more. All of the EDGE’s abilities can be experienced through extensions in its Rivals.

According to Microsoft, EDGE will be extension compatible till the end of 2015, only then it’ll be able to catch up in the competition. Till then the only thing I see in it better than other browsers is Simplicity.

My advice will be to go give it a try and discover its features, and using it will also help in seeing its comparison with other browsers. But don’t give it a white flag so soon, It’s not yet the ultimate browser.

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