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What causes ERR_SPDY_ PROTOCOL-ERROR nginx?

At times, it happens that you might require moving to the SSL protocol and you might face the problem where the ad request will not be paring and matching with the page views. The page when opened and refreshed again shows the statement stating, “failed to load resource: net: ERR_SPDY_ PROTOCOL-ERROR message. This indicates that there is error pointing to the Defer JavaScript file created by ngx_pagespeed. The chunks may appear on the screen that will further enable to stop the browsing and loading due to this problem. The error needs to be fixed.

NGIX latest version 1.7.8:

In case of facing such error by just looking at the error logs, the solution must be found out to fix the problem in time. There shows that the SPDY is disabled and in order to enable the SPDY, all you need to do is upgrade the NGIX and make sure you have the latest version avaible 1.7.8. Then, it is also necessary to ensure that the process of the in stallion is proper in order to avoid any further issues. Make sure that the file permissions required are modified correctly and the FastCGL cache is firm enough to hold up the responses for the PHP_FPM upstream.

As a form of result, it is very clear theta the Nginx will not be able to write up the directory of Cache. The users must ensure that the permissions required are modified in granting mode so that the user can get the Nginx write permissions and the errors are fixed and cleared. When the browser throws any error, there is nothing that is occurred in the nginx error log.

Things to keep in mind by the user:

The user while using the protocol must be in attention ode and careful in order to avoid all sort of unwanted errors. The developers must be aware about the hints and must know about tem in detail. Here are some of the thoughts to be remembered.
  • The developer must be very careful at the time of using the headers and redirects especially the 301 and 302’s.
  • The developers must include all the same directory as the domain name ad makes sure that the server is placed in proper position.
  • The antivirus or the firewall settings must be placed and the protection must be made for the files created a .htaccess file in the cache that includes directory and simply write one line. Deny them all.
  • Moreover, the Gzip compression must be enabled in case you find out the Cpanel. This can be done by the Website Optimization settings and for more details regarding this you can brose on Google.
  • The files of the htaccess must also be kept very simple and not complicate it. The simpler the files, the less chance of errors. Many other file extensions can also be made by redirecting the user clients ad this will also create the unnecessary conflict. Be carefully with all the above points in order to avoid the errors.


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