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5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares

Suppose, if you forget your Windows Password and also you don't have any password recovery files then what would you do in this situation? It's really a big problem for all Windows users if they suffer from this trouble. Different ways are available on the internet for the recovery of password. But in which most of the methods are fake or useless.

5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares
If you're in one of them who lost Windows password. So no need to worry, it's not a big problem if you have useful guide. Below i'm sharing some softwares which are called "Windows Password Recovery Tools". These are really helpful and can quickly solve your problem. Just read below and get out from trouble.

1. Kon-Boot

5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares
Kon-boot is one of them that can remove your problem. It's a fastest recovery software or Windows password reset program. It's basically an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows based operating systems. Without overwriting your old password. In other words you can login to your Windows profile without knowing your password. It's easy to use and excellent for tech repairs, data recovery and security audits.

2. Ophcrack

5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares
Ophcrack is my recommended Windows password cracker It's fast easy and quick in use. Its nearly fool-proof operation, automatic password recovery, and overall speed puts Ophcrack in a league of its own.

The Ophcrack LiveCD requires some preparation but this password recovery tool is by far the best. After just a few minutes of running the software, Ophcrack will find all of your Windows passwords and display them on screen.

3. LCP

5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares
LCP's functional interface is easy enough to use and understand. It's also best like above. The program uses several password-recovery techniques, such as brute force, hybrid, and dictionary attacks, to quickly and accurately recover lost administrator passwords.

4. TRK

5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares
TRL or Trinity Rescue Kit is a free live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines, but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues. Since version 3.4 it has an easy to use scrollable text menu that allows anyone who masters a keyboard and some English to perform maintenance and repair on a computer, ranging from password resetting over disk cleanup to virus scanning.

5. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

5 Brilliant Windows Password Recovery Softwares
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is also a best utility to reset the password of any user that has a valid local account on your Windows system. It works offline, that is, you have to shutdown your computer and boot off a CD or USB disk to do the password reset. It is also a registry editor and other registry utilities that works under linux/unix, and can be used for other things than password editing.

Final Words:

These softwares are really best and useful. I especially recommend and hope these would be better for you. If you find help in this article then don't forget to share this with your friends and also share your review about this via comment below.


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