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How To Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1?

Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 has become with a lots of new features and advantages. With the new look of Start Menu, it has also become with many advantages as compared as to the Windows 7 or 8. When Windows 7 was released, then it was a new revolution in the World of Computers Technology. People were really impressed by the features and characteristics of Windows 7. After the releasing, it became the most efficient windows. But after released the next version of Windows means Windows 8, people were really upset from it. Because it had just new look, not new and unique features. This is why, people didn't like it.

After an upset behavior from the people, Microsoft decided to release second version of Windows 8 means Windows 8.1. The reason behind to release Windows 8.1 was just that to recover an upset behavior of the people and release Windows 8.1 with new features and advantages. So that people can be used this next version of Windows and make it as their default operating system.

When Windows 8.1 released, people used it then a very fairly good response comes from the people and they greatly appreciated it. And seriously, Windows 8.1 has different and many features but you just have need to know. If you know then you have a considerable advantage. Well! an actual reason to post this article is to share unique features of Windows 8.1. This is why i shared a simple trick of Windows 8.1 that How To Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1?

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What Is Automatic Maintenance?

Automatic maintenance is a unique feature has become with the Windows 8.1. I think this feature is also become with Windows 8. But it works properly in Windows 8.1. When you use your Windows, due to the day by day using this, it requires maintenance. As long as you don't maintain it, then it becomes slow. Your computer becomes like a snail. Due to this, sometimes you become a quite angry person. Now you don't have to become angry. With a lots of advantages of Windows 8.1, an automatic maintenance option is also available.

Windows 8.1 maintains automatically, when operating system needs some maintenance. So now you don't have to need any panic, Windows 8.1 can handle this maintenance problem. But you need to start or stop this maintenance process. Means when you want to maintain your Windows then start your maintenance option. But if you don't have time to stop or start it then just start your maintenance once. Windows 8.1 will start maintenance automatically, when Windows requires maintenance.

Why Windows Maintenance Is Important?

I already said in above heading of 'What Is Automatic Maintenance?' that when you don't maintain your Windows then it has become like a snail. Your Windows become slow day by day. For example if you don't maintain or care your any machine then your machine never works properly. Similarly, operating system is like a machine. It also needs maintenance to work properly. In short we can say that every machine needs maintenance to maintain his work.

How To Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1?

The procedure is very simple to start or stop manually maintenance in Windows.

Manually Start Automatic Maintenance:

First go to the 'Control Panel'. Once you are in the control panel, select 'Action Center' from the displayed options. That said, make sure that you have selected the 'view by' as Small Icons or Large Icons.

Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1
Here in the action center, click on the dropdown button next to 'Maintenance' and select the option 'Start Maintenance' to manually start automatic maintenance.

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Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1

Manually Stop Automatic Maintenance:

You can only stop automatic maintenance while it is running. Whenever the automatic maintenance is running in the background, you will see a small icon in the notification area.

Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1
Now, if you want to stop the automatic maintenance, open control panel, click on 'Action Center' and then click on the dropdown button next to 'Maintenance'.

Once you are there, you can see the 'Stop Maintenance' link. Just click on that link to stop running automatic maintenance on your Windows 8.1.

Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1
That is it. It is that simple to begin and stop programmed upkeep emphasize in Windows 8.1, however it is not that conspicuous how you can do as such. It is prescribed that you let Windows run the employment without anyone else's input, as it will deal with numerous little however inconspicuous issues like redesigns and security examines.

On a side note, in the event that you don't need that little symbol to show up in the warning range at whatever point the programmed support is running, simply explore to "Control board -> activity focus -> change activity focus settings" and uncheck the checkbox "programmed upkeep" and click on the OK catch to spare changes.

Start Automatic Maintenance In Windows 8.1

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Final Thoughts

Maintenance of windows is really important for the performance. If want a fast Windows then maintain your Windows regularly, If not possible regularly, then atleast in a month. Hopfully, this article will be helpfull for you. Please share your views with me and with our visitor via comment below.


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