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How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows 7, 8, 8.1?

How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows
How to backup files on PC's, How to backup files in windows 7/8/8.1 and how to recover deleted files & folders are today's topic. Whenever, your files and folders are deleted accidently due to any issue or reason. Of course, after that you want to backup your files and folders. But due to the lack of right information of how to backup files and folders, you couldn't be backup. So if you want to backup your files safely in Windows operating system then you need to read this article. In this article basically, I shared some best and free softwares that can help you to backup your lost files. Softwares are free and workable. You can use anyone with a full of trust. But sharing my recommended softwares before, i would like to share main reasons behind of losing your files, so that you can avoid to be lost again in future.

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Why Are Files Deleted?

Actually, you delete your files your own or your files are deleted accidently. First when you delete files on your own, then perhaps it is not so certain files are for you. But some time later if you need it again then you repent and curse themselves and perhaps you try to recover your lose again but majority don't get any success. Second, your files are deleted accidently.

There are different possibilties. Sometimes viruses are entered in your device and damaged your data. After this reaction of viruses, your important are removed automatically and you have to face seriously a big trouble. This time, you want to recover you data. But due to the lack of right information, you fail to recover. But don't worry. if you are victim with this stress then read this article and check my recommended list of such softwares that can easily recover your lose data. I think, i said before that these softwares are full of free from viruses and spam. You can trust and can use easily.

List Of Data Recovery Softwares:

Here is my collected and recommended list of recovery softwares for Windows 7, 8, 8.1. A list of recovery i shared, is actually ranked by So it is confirmed that softwares are completely free from any malware or spam.

1. Data Rescue PC

How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows
Data rescue PC is one of the finest and high ranked data recovery software among all. In 2015, now it has become #1 too due to it's best and awesome features. Data Rescue PC provides you best facilities about lose your data. You know what when you use any data recovery software then it recovers some files or data, not your complete data. But Data Rescue PC has a highest rate to recover any files and folders. It provides you up to 99% recovery rate about your data. This is why mostly PC experts use it and recommend to everyone.

Further, it is the most used software among all recovery softwares. It has more and further features that are highlighted below:
  • It's data recovery rate from HDD and SDD is 99% that is really amazing.
  • It's data damaging rate is 33% which is not the lowest but good.
  • It can scan your HDD at the rate of 7.4 GB/hr.
  • It's SDD scan speed is 4.1 GB/hr.
  • Overall rating is 9.7.

2. Ontrack Easy Recovery

How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows
Ontrack EasyRecovery is one of the best too. It's features almost same as Data Rescue PC. But the lack of some feature, it's on #2. It's not mean that because of the second position then it's not good. It has their own features and characteristics. It's rate is best in Recovered Reformatted Files. Rate is 28% that is the highest rate among all top ten recovery softwares. May be due to it's Recovered Reformatted Files rate, it's rank second. But the most highest and best feature is scanning rate. It can easily recover data up to 31.58GB/hr from HDD and 23.07GB/hr, that is really a quite amazing feature. Some of the best features like Data Rescue PC are highlighted below:
  • The most amazing feature scanning rate. It can easily recover 31.58GB/hr from HDD and 23.07GB/hr
  • It's data recovery rate from HDD and SDD is 64% which is the second lowest rate.
  • Data damaging rate is 31%. It's good.
  • Overall rating is 9.3.
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3. Recover My Files Professional

How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows
Recover My Files Professional is also best. It is professional in HDD and SDD scanning like as his name. It can scan your deleted data and can recover with a very fastest rate of 33.33 GB/hr and 27.27 GB/hr. This is one of the most highlighted feature of Recover My Files Professional. Further more, it is best in other features that are mentioned below:
  • It's lost files recovery rate from HDD is 98% and from SDD is 99%.
  • Rate of reformatted files HDD is 22% and SDD is 8%.
  • Overall rating is 8.5.

4. Stellar Phoenix

How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows
Stellar Phoenix is a good data recovery software. It is on #4 in among all data recovery softwares. Stellar Phoenix provides their own best and excellent features. It adds a layer of flexibility by featuring options to sort out and view files in three different tree-structured lists: Classic List /File List/Masked List. So now, you can choose what you need to recover with a more fine-grained approach. It is average in all features, characteristics and advantages. You can download it free as trial version with fully advantages and new features.
  • It's data recovery rate from HDD and SDD is 49% that is average.
  • It's data damaging rate is 45%.
  • Scanning time from HDD is 4.8 GB/hr and SDD is 3.7 GB/hr.
  • Overall rating is 8.

5. Salvage Data Recovery

How To Backup/Recover Files On Windows
Salvage Data Recovery is one of the recommended from experts. Normally, people think that if software has a high rank then it would be best. But it's not mean. Salvage Data Recovery is on #5. But due to it's features, experts recommend it. At SalvageData, you can rest easy knowing that your case is in the hands of the most qualified and secure company out there. Some of the features are highlighted below:
  • It's lost files recovery rate from HDD is 91% and from SDD is 99%.
  • Data damaging rate from HDD is 41% and from SDD is 44%.
  • Overall rating is 7.9.
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Here, I discussed about the Windows data recovery software that will be helpful in recovery of your formatted data. Above list is actually ranked by So you can use all above top listed software with a full of trust. There is no any malware or spam is include. If you liked this article and this is helpful for you then don't forget to share your view via comment below.

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