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Best Tips To Increase Gaming Performance In Windows

Tips To Increase Gaming Performance In Windows
Gaming is another best way for passing time. People play games as a hobby, as a passion etc. In the modern world, I mean today Playstations, Xbox's and PC's are one the best choice to enjoy real gaming. These are some best devices, on which people can play games and enjoy today's advanced gaming.  Like Playstation and Xbox, PC is the most recommended choice to play advanced games. Whenever if you get a chance to see a real gamer then you'll definitely see him to enjoy her gaming on PC. Because now everyone wants high graphics in games and PC is the best device which provides excellent and high graphics better than Playstations and Xbox's.

Gaming on the PC, is not very simple. You have to consider some important things, otherwise you can't play your games smoothly on PC. Here, I shared some tips to increase gaming performance on PC or in Windows Operating System. By following, You can increase gaming performance of your rig.

1. Update Your Graphics Driver

One of the most important is Driver. Without updating it, you can not play upcoming games. You know what, day by day games are releasing and to support the game, it's drivers also release. Because every new game requires new driver. So if you'll play new game on old driver then driver will not support to game and you can never play smoothly. Your fps will be always on up and down. So update your driver at least after every 15 days or a month. If you're an Nvidia user then find your driver in this link and if you're an AMD then visit this link.

2. Use GPU Overclocking Softwares

I know, it is not possible for everyone to change Graphics Card. So who can't upgrade their Graphics Cards then at least can use GPU Overclocking Softwares. GPU Overclocking software is a best way to overclock your GPU. It optimizes to your graphics card and increases Core Clock speed, Bus speed, bandwidth etc of your GPU. You can check also about the best Overclocking softwares of 2015 in this article "Best GPU Overclocking Softwares of 2015". Here mostly new PC gamers are may be confused after knowing about overclocking softwares and I hope, they must have a question that "What is Overclocking?" and "What are Overclocking Softwares?". So read below paragraphs, here are answers of all your questions.

How Overclocking Software Does Work?

Overclocking Software is simply an optimizing tool. It optimizes to your GPUs' Core speed, Memory bandwidth, Texture rate, Pixel rate etc. You just need to download and install it in your device. Here is an interesting thing that Overclocking software is not large in size. It just about 30 MB to 50 MB in size, but it depends on the version because different versions have different sizes. So a question is here "How it does work?"

It works simply. First you need to download and install it. After installation, open it. I used Asus GPU Tweak. If you use another version like MSI After Burner etc, don't worry. Almost all versions have same menu. After open the tool, a menu will open like below.

Tips To Increase Gaming Performance In Windows
You can see in above image, GPU Clock, GPU Voltage and Memory Clock options are showing. Fan Speed is Fixed. You can't change it. But in other versions I hope, this advantage is available. When you'll open first time your tool then all values of your GPU will show default. So after this you can optimize or increase your GPU Clock, GPU Voltage and Memory Clock of your GPU performance according to your wish. But here is a tip that increase your Clock Speed and Memory Clock but not too much. Just increase the values with the difference of 200 to 300 like above example.

3. Close Your Startup Programs

A Common mistake from almost every user that they don't close startup programs, that's why they face problem during gaming. Start up programs create problems during gaming. Every program must reserves a part of memory of Ram. So when you play games on your PC then game also reserves a big part of Ram. That's why experts also advice to close all start up programs during gaming. It helps to play your game smoothly and helps to protect your PC from heat.

4. Change Your Video Setting

If you're fps during gaming is less than 30 or 25 then check your game's video setting. Actually, your video setting are on high and your GPU doesn't fully support because of it's old version. So if you wanna play latest high graphics games smoothly then must change your video setting to low. First change your resolution to low. After that one by one change your video game Texture, Shader, Anti-Aliasing and more. When you have done then check your game and play it. Game will be run definitely smoothly. In case, if your game doesn't run smoothly then you will have to change your Graphics Card or GPU.

Final Words

If you can't play latest games on your old Graphics Card and wanna enjoy gaming on your PC or your old Graphics Card without upgrading it then just follow above few simple steps. Actually I discussed some basic ways to customize gaming performance of PC. After the following above, if your game runs still like before then you will have to upgrade your Graphics Card or GPU. If you find help in this article then don't forget to share it with your friends. Share your views also via comment below.

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  2. I want to add few more steps to increase the performance of the PC, they are:
    Defrag the drive
    Uninstall all the unnecessary software
    Boot your PC in safe mode after certain intervals of time
    These above steps will also help you to increase the speed of the PC.

    1. Thanks James! Thanks for your more other recommended steps to increase gaming performance.