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Cortana: Windows 10 Personal Assistant (Review)

Cortana: Windows 10 Personal Assistant (Review)

What is CORTANA?

Well, some people might ask this question who are less into tech and gadgets. CORTANA is personal assistant to Windows OS. The best way to understand is by knowing about “SIRI” and “Google Now” the personal assistants to Apple iOS and Android OS respectively, talks to the owner of the device and does various things like calling, texting, searching, surfing and doing what the owner commands. Same is CORTANA with which you can do anything but in Windows 8.1 phones and devices having Windows 10.

Cortana: Windows 10 Personal Assistant (Review)
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CORTANA for Windows 8.1:

In the beginning, CORTANA was only released for Windows phones with Windows 8.1 and for Microsoft Surface (Tablet of Microsoft). It is in competition with Apple’s “SIRI” and Google’s “Google Now”. Later in 2014 was also available for the Windows 8.1 users on PC too and now has been integrated in Windows 10.

CORTANA with Windows 10:

Well, it was a great news that Microsoft integrated CORTANA with windows 10 Debut version given for one year.

It has been put right next to the Start window icon just click it and start asking by typing or holding the Mic icon and talking to it. You can ask the directions to places, flight schedules, add reminders and much more like launching an app just by telling it too, going to windows explorer, or just searching the web. It has answer to almost your every question.

Set A Reminder:

One of the best things it does is setting reminders for you. For example an upcoming meeting or a birthday. Just say the the word and its done.

Cortana: Windows 10 Personal Assistant (Review)
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Don’t want to hold on the mic icon. Then don’t hold, just set CORTANA to listen when you say “Hey CORTANA”. Go to settings and set the following settings:

Cortana: Windows 10 Personal Assistant (Review)

My Views on CORTANA:

The only thing keeping it limited is the regions of the world it is available in. It is only available in USA, UK, China, Australia, Canada, India, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. And having languages English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian and French.

Well, CORTANA might be great but still not the best. It is still in Beta version in many regions and the oddest part is that you have to hold the mic icon for it to listen. If you haven't yet used CORTANA then I think you should give it a try. But, you can only do so if you are in th above mentioned countries.

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  1. the most interesting thing is cortana in win10, love to use it

    1. Yeah! It's a very interesting stuff of Windows 10. Thanks for your comment.