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Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software And Make It Accessible

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software
MS Outlook emerged as most popular desktop email client with PST as its proprietary file format. Outlook data files contain large volume of data and are prone to corruption like any other data files. These files gets corrupted due to many known or unknown reasons and sometimes data gets deleted accidentally form the email or other mailbox folders. To prevent data loss due to corruption; the PST files need to be recovered and restored back on machine.

In the recent past, while working with the application, some of the files were deleted accidently; so I used Outlook Recovery software for recovery of lost data. The overall experience with the tool is summed up here in.

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My Expectations from the Tool:

There are some specific requirements that I was expecting to be fulfilled such as:
  • Recovery of deleted data which is the foremost necessity.
  • Recovery of some of the corrupted Outlook files.
  • Data Restoration while maintaining its original formatting.
  • Maintenance of actual structure of data elements.
  • Data storage on machine while keeping its attributes.

What the Tool Offered:

The PST recovery tool offered the following features against the above-stated requirements:
  • It recovered all the deleted data that was accidently erased from the mailbox.
  • It helped recovering files that has been damaged due to oversized volume.
  • All the data was restored in its original format on machine.
  • The actual structure and composition was kept maintained.
  • The mailbox components were restored with integrated attributes.

Additional Features Offered by the Tool:

It offered some supplementary features while recovering PST files and these attributes are:

- Advance scan mode to recover files as per necessity.

i. Advance Scan is performed on highly damaged data files.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Offers recovery of selective items from enlisted components.

i. Select multiple items by clicking on the available checkboxes.
ii. Select entire folders to be processed in batch.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Multiple Export options to select from as per requirement.

i. Export as PST
ii. Export as MSG
iii. Export as EML

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Attachments can be previewed in the panel itself.

When an email message is been selected, the enclosed attachments are displayed in the ‘Attachments’ tab within the tool panel and are exported to the selected file format along with the associated message.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software
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- 'Mail Filter’ feature to export specified period data.

By selecting this option, date particulars can be provided and instructions can be given to the tool for exporting that specific data only. This way, it will export data from the period specified in the ‘From Date’ column and to the duration mentioned under ‘To Date’ column.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- ‘PST Split feature allows dividing large volume files.

The feature enables splitting or dividing the large sized data files to be saved and restored into limited divisions. This way, the corruption that occurred due to oversized volume of the PST file reduces and data is stored in more organized manner.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Naming Conventions while exporting to EML and MSG.

While saving data to EML and MSG file formats, the tool offers to save the files with appropriate names. This further enables to restore data in a managed way and offers more recognition to the files. Files can be directly selected while avoiding random search.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

- Resultant files can be saved into selected format at any selected location on system.

The tool does not alter the original PST files and in fact creates new files for saving the recovered data. It offers the flexibility of saving these files at user defined location on storage media.

- The Outlook Recovery tool generates the ‘Export Report’.

This report can be saved in CSV format for future reference as it contains the source and destination location information of the processed file.

Repair PST File By Using Outlook Recovery Software

Benefits of the Given File Formats:


When this file format is selected to export recovered data; the mailbox components are saved in their original format. The data gets restored within respective folders where it was residing before corruption or deletion.


This format is used to restore email messages only and saves single message per file. This way, the chances of data getting absurd are reduced to greater extent and proper manageability is offered to the files.


This is the widely used file extension and is supported over Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and many other Operating Systems. Moreover, it is applicable to emails data only and this way, the email messages can be accessed over smartphones, tablets, etc.

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Improvements Required:

As per my opinion and experience, the tool is well versed with all potential features that are required for recovery and successful storage of data. Therefore, no changes or alterations are required to be done. The developers of the tool have kept the GUI simpler and the recovery procedure is self-defined and quite straight-forward.

Final Opinion:

The tool helped me in recovering the deleted data which was the principal requirement. It also offered extracting data from the corrupted Outlook PST files. The additional features that the tool offers such as export to EML and MSG; splitting PST into smaller proportions; saving EML\ MSG files with suitable names; etc. serves as an add-on while recovering and restoring mailbox data. The performance and functionality of the tool is found to be efficient and accurate.

In addition, the availability of Personal, Business and Enterprise Licenses makes it more scalable as this way; flexibility is provided to choose among the given categories. The user can choose any license in accordance with its usage requirements and can test before purchasing the same with Trial version available online.

Based on the overall assessment and experience with the Outlook Repair tool, I would rate it 9.8\10.

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